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Life is short.

Almost twenty years ago I sat next to my mother’s bed on one of her last days and asked, what I was soon to realise, a stupid question.

You’ve accomplished so much in your life. What more could you want to have done?

She duly reeled off a long list of places she wished she had seen, things she wished she had experienced, people she would like to have met.  I promised myself there and then, that if I ever got a few minutes to reflect before my last breath, I would make sure my list was as short as possible.

Years have flown by, and yes I have done a lot of the things I wanted to, but certainly not enough to warrant a short list.  As I approach the age at which my mother died, I wonder if that is the impetus for this adventure.

Sloane and I have often talked or making our own film.  Over the years we have been fortunate enough to enjoy working on so many other people’s projects, but still, over late night glasses of red wine, the conversation turned to ‘our’ films.  Finally, we decided it was time to take the plunge.

Making a film is an expensive undertaking and our only real option was to sell our house to help fund it.  It all seems a little nuts until you remember – life is short.  Thanks to the enormous support of our  and friends, our colleagues and investors, we are on the way.  We would very much like to have you along for the ride, be it as an interested observer or an active participant.

Thanks for your support.

Ant Neely


Sloane U’Ren Director/Production Designer
Sloane’s film career started at age four, as a child actress in Los Angeles. As she reached her teens, she realised that she was more interested in the visual side of filmmaking then appearing on camera. Sloane decided to study Art History at the University of California, Berkeley before resuming her career in film Art Departments. Upon graduation she worked for Disney, The Jim Henson Company (The Muppet Show creators), and has at one time or another worked at every major film studio in the U.S. and U.K.

Sloane has worked as an Art Director and Set Designer on projects including Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Being John Malkovich, Batman Begins, The Good Shepherd, Ali and Six Feet Under, to mention but a few. She has extensive knowledge of designing and creating film sets from start to finish and has been nominated for several prestigious awards.
Sloane’s full CV can be viewed at

Ant Neely Screenwriter/Composer
Ant Neely is an all-round creative with his primary focuses being writing and music composition. He currently has two television pilot scripts being ‘shopped’ in Los Angeles and has written the feature film scripts for Sculptures of Dazzling Complexity’s slate of three films, plus the novel upon which the first script is based.

Ant’s music can be heard on shows such as Six Feet Under, Boston Legal and Samantha Who, and he recently composed orchestral scores for three seasons of the popular Dutch television show Sprookjesboom. He has also composed for feature films and commercials.

Ant has been called “a creative and progressively thinking artist” by Keyboard Magazine in the U.S. and likes to carry that ethos throughout all of his artistic endeavours.

You can learn more about him at and

For a full list of all of the brilliant cast and crew that were involved in making the film please see imdb.

6 thoughts on “The filmmakers

  1. Hello,
    Congratulations on this undertaking!
    Getting into the mad scientist option with the beard?

  2. Hi what a breathtaking arrangement of talent I’m following the making of and can’t wait to see your dream come to fruition. Well done and good luck!

    Hayley x

  3. quite simply an inspiration and a true testament to those with the courage to make their dreams come true. Slightly in awe (but I’ll get over it). Good luck!

  4. Hi – admire you two so much for your courage and achieving your dream.
    If you ever need extras for your new venture – just get in touch!
    Been in the film industry most of my working life but never got the chance actually to be ‘in’ one! Worked with Joan Littlewood (Stratford East) on a movie she made called Sparrers Can’t Sing – usd to work on the script – i.e. taking down what the actors said after she had fed them vast quantities of alcohol!! Interesting stuff came out of that – maybe you should try it!!!!!
    With love and my best wishes
    Val x

  5. Hi,
    Saw your film at the Prescott film festival! Absolutely fantastic job. One of my favorites at the festival. Congratulations on your beautiful production.
    Alex Thomas

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