Dimensions wins Best Director and Best Film

We are thrilled to announce that Dimensions was nominated for five awards at last night’s Long Island International Film Expo and incredibly excited that Sloane won the statue for Best Director and Dimensions won for Best Film.

We are utterly honoured with the awards – so many talented people worked on this film with us, and we would like to thank them all for making us look good!!!!

We also want to thank the team behind the Long Island International Film Expo – what lovely people they are, and they pulled out all the stops to put on a great festival.  Congratulations to all the other winners, nominees and films that screened.

Here is a video of Sloane receiving her statue for Best Director.  We will add more videos and photos over the next few days.

And here is a video of Madam Vera’s introduction to the film.  We loved these Madam Vera spots! http://youtu.be/Dow8hW0N56g

New York anti-gravity

We had a great screening at the Long Island International Film Expo.  The festival is put on by a lovely bunch of people and we’ve met lots of other filmmakers.  Great to see so much passion.

We’ve been in Manhattan over the last couple of days for meetings.  The weather turned from amazingly hot to incredibly stormy.  Today the storms were so powerful, a rip in the space-time continuum occurred and anti-gravity poured through. We managed to snap some pictures.  I’m sure if Stephen, Annie and Conrad we’re alive today, they would be fascinated by the images.


Upcoming US screenings…

We’re really excited to announce two upcoming screenings in the U.S.!!!

On Sunday 15th July (4.15pm) Dimensions will screen for the first time in New York as part of the Long Island International Film Expo.  Sloane and Ant will be there for a Q&A.  Tickets are available here – http://liifilmexpo.org/sections/tickets.html

On Saturday August 5th (12 noon) Dimensions will screen for the first time in Arizona at the Prescott Film Festival.  Details are here – https://www.prescottfilmfestival.com/

If you have friends or family in the area, who you think would enjoy the film, please tell them about it!  We don’t have a big (any) advertising budget – all the press, etc., we’ve had has been via word-of-mouth…and that is down to all of you lovely people!

Thank you all so much for your help and support.


Ant and Sloane x

“Think Merchant Ivory, only steampunk” – The Guardian, UK


Best Film 2012 London Independent Film Festival

We are very proud to announce that Dimensions was awarded Best Film 2012 at the London Independent Film Festival.  We’d like to thank the festival organisers, and all the people that came out to see the film!  It means a huge amount to us, and we are especially proud to have now won two Best Film awards. Thanks!!!!

Our Sci-Fi-London screening is SOLD OUT, but there are lots of great films playing at the festival. Take a look at their website and see what takes your fancy. http://www.sci-fi-london.com/

Sloane will be talking on May 5th at BFI (noon) as part of the ‘BFI Future Film in association with SCI-FI-LONDON presents: To the Cinema and Beyond!’. For information and tickets click here.

Later that same day (May 5th), Sloane will be talking at ‘BAFTA and SCI-FI-LONDON present Genre filmmaking in Britain: is there a market for science fiction filmmaking in the UK’. For tickets and more information, please click here.


2012 Gort Award for Best Film

We are over the moon  that Dimensions was awarded the Gort Award for Best Picture at the Boston Science Fiction Film Festival!

‘Time please, ladies and gentlemen.’

When writing the script for Dimensions, I spent many hours thinking about how we perceive time.  The passage of time is something that has always fascinated – and frightened – me, so it seemed natural to explore it in the film.  (I do want to say, though, that although Stephen’s concept of time in Dimensions is part to the story, the film is actually focussed on the characters and what they are going through.  Sloane was very keen to make a film that was a character-driven story in a sci-fi world, rather then a film that focussed primarily on a sci-fi world.)  Dimensions is about jealousy, need, love, desire and the toll these emotions take – albeit with a time travel undercurrent.

Most of us imagine time as a straight line, from the beginning to the end.  Imagine then a sheet of lined paper, with the lines running up and down.  Now choose one of the lines to be our ‘beginning to end’ line.  However, what if, we could move over to the left (or right) to one of the adjacent lines?  This parallel line (or universe) might be identical to ours, or different.  Perhaps it’s radically different and on that line (universe), Britain is a desert and I am eight feet tall.  As it’s the next line over, though, let’s assume it is almost identical to this universe – perhaps only two atoms (or even subatomic particles) have changed places.

In the film, it is Stephen’s belief that every possible parallel universe exists – i.e., every possible event or combination of events takes place somewhere in this huge (infinite) multiverse.  For our lined-paper analogy to work we, therefore, would need an infinite number of lines.  Now I, for one, am not capable of imagining an infinite length of paper with an infinite number of lines, so I like to make it manageable by making the paper into a tube – with the lines running lengthwise.  Almost like a length of lined hosepipe with an infinite circumference.

In the film, a young Stephen is taught by the Professor that it is possible that time does indeed run in directions we can’t physically perceive.  Perhaps it is possible to move sideways (i.e., around the circumference of the hosepipe).  Imagine if we tilt the length of pipe slightly, and then put a drop of water at the beginning of our original line.  Now, if we rotate the pipe as the water slides down it, we have a visual analogy for moving sideways through time while still moving forwards in time.  Perhaps every choice we make leads us onto these sideways lines – if I pour my tea over my laptop now, I move to the left.  If I don’t I move to the right (or stay in a straight line).

Things get really weird, though, if we take our pipe and join the two ends, so it becomes a ring.  In this scenario, the end of time leads us back to the beginning.  If we rotate and wiggle the pipe, we can get our drop of water to flow forwards, backwards, sideways, on a diagonal – an ever changing path.  These are just the beginnings of the visual games I used when thinking about Stephen’s concepts of time.  Of course there are a lot of ‘ifs’ involved and I certainly don’t claim to have any answers (or be any sort of expert).  The hosepipe is one of several shapes I have thought about – but I shan’t bore you with others (globe, mobius strip, etc.).

One of the things that becomes apparent, if you view time as more than a straight line, is the paradoxes disappear.  For example, the old ‘if I go back in time and kill my grandfather, how will I ever be born’-type question.  Yes, you can’t simply go back on the line you are on as you didn’t kill him originally in that timeline (universe).  However, what if you go backwards on a diagonal – i.e. to a line (universe) where you did kill him?  He is, therefore, still alive and dead – depending on that line you look at.  Starts to hurt when you think about it, doesn’t it?

They are just things I enjoy thinking about and trying to understand.  Do you need to understand this, or even care about it to enjoy the film?  No.  However, if you are interested in this sort of concept, you might want to check out Hugh Everett and his metaverse / multiverse theories.

“I can assure you, I’m not mad. But then again I would say that, wouldn’t I.” Stephen, circa 1936

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Members of the cast, with Sloane and Ant, before the screening. Image courtesy of www.catchesides.co.uk

Yesterday evening Dimensions screened, as part of the 31st Cambridge Film Festival, to a packed out house.  The showing sold out within a day of tickets being on release, so an additional late night showing was added (Thursday 22nd September, 10.30pm).  As that second screening is now almost sold out, a third screening has been added – Saturday 24th September at 5pm. Details are here.

As you can imagine, it has been a hectic few days for Sloane and I.  We’ve received so many lovely emails and messages about the film, so before we dash off to this evening’s screening, I wanted to share a few of the ‘Twitterviews’ we received regarding the film…

“Congratulations@dimensionsmovie ! Currently the biggest seller @CamFilmfest (in terms of seats sold per screening), better even than TTSS!” @camfilmfest

‘What a marvelous film! Can I have 700 films like Dimensions rather than one $200m blockbuster?” @martinhollis

“Wow! #Dimensionsmovie looked gorgeous up on the big screen at #CamFilmFest last night – well done to everyone, what an achievement!” @shawcdb

@dimensionsmovie is an absolute delight, and there’s two more chances to see it at @camfilmfest – don’t miss out! #cff2011” @MovieEvangelist
@dimensionsmovieTruly, it is one of the best films I have seen this year. The direction is top class.” @Helenography
“Saw @dimensionsmovie last night. A really beautiful and thought provoking film. Wonderful to see directors and all the actors there.” @CWCostumes
“Thanks to Cambridge Film Fest and@dimensionsmovie for the cosiest premiere ever..v.proud of the film!” @MatineeIdle
@dimensionsmovie is gripping and visually gorgeous by ANY standards; never mind its shoestring budget.” @salskina
“Loved watching the@dimensionsmovie screening yesterday. Beautiful film. Really Beautiful Film! Check ’em out, if you haven’t already.” @VanessaMayfield
@dimensionsmovie It’s lovely!” @allwellandgood

Just in case you haven’t seen it, the trailer is below.


Ant and Sloane x