Are some unscrupulous movie types ‘gaming’ rotten tomatoes?

Question:  Are some unscrupulous movie types ‘gaming’ Rotten Tomatoes?

I imagine a lot of people check out Rotten Tomatoes or IMDB scores for films they are considering watching.  The *huge* difference in critics scores vs audience scores for the new Die Hard, makes me wonder.

IMDB 6/10
Metacritic 29/100
Rotten Tomatoes:  16% critic score, 82% audience score.

Scanning twitter, FB and Reddit post about the film – it seems to be getting a fairly universal panning.  I haven’t seen it, so can’t comment.

New apps that sort your Netflix cue by Rotten Tomatoes score means that a good score is undoubtedly worth $.

Any thoughts?

New website goes live!

On the set, filming Dimensions.

On the set, filming Dimensions.

First, I wanted to say a huge thank you to my brother Steve for building us a shiny new website –  Please note, at the end of the trailer there is an option to sign up for updates – we won’t spam you, we’ll just let you know when the film is released and where you can get it.  Talking of release…

…after a fantastic festival run, which includes seven awards – five of them being for ‘Best Film‘, we are now rapidly moving towards a release date.  Stay tuned and we will let you know details as soon as we can.

Thanks as always for your support!

Dimensions at the Nantes Cinéma Britannique film festival & giant mechanical creatures!

Director Sloane U’Ren with the giant heron (see later for a video of it flying).

We’re just back from our screenings at the Cinéma Britannique film festival in Nantes – what a great experience.  Great people, great food, great architecture and to top it off – massive Jules Verne inspired steampunk/dieselpunk creatures at Les Machines de L’île.

Dimensions is set in the 1920s/30s and does have elements (e.g. the time/multiverse machine) that are very much dieselpunk inspired.  Seeing the mechanical creatures at Les Machines de L’île felt like a perfect fit for us – I am sure that Stephen, Conrad and Annie from Dimensions would love it.  I suppose in another universe they have (and will, and are now) visit(ed/ing) the Machines.  After all, Stephen is 99% sure that there are an infinite number of parallel universes – in which every possible event (or combination of events) is happening somewhere!

We had a packed out screening (around 350 people) and a great Q&A afterwards. The audience and festival staff were fantastic.

In 2018 Les Machines de L’île intend to open a huge metal tree structure, incorporating a lot of the elements that are currently on display. They’ve built part of the tree already – it is going to be utterly amazing!

Here’s a video of Sloane at the mechanical elephant – on which 49 people can ride…

…and some close up shots of the elephant (click to make them bigger).

The images really don’t do it justice – there is something utterly magical about the place.

We didn’t get to go on the carousel – but evidently it is three stories (one underground). Here is a little video of Sloane in front of it…

We were just blown away by all the mechanical creatures – and that was before we saw them move!…

There are some more videos of the creatures on this youtube playlist.

We hope you enjoyed these videos and images, and we highly recommend a trip to Nantes.

Dimensions screens in Nantes, France

We’re very excited to be screening in Nantes, France, three times this week.  Sloane and Ant will be there for the first two screenings and will take part in a Q&A after each.  You can find times etc. here…

BTW Harry (our dog) seemed to have snuck into the above photo, of the night-time garden party. He’s always stealing the limelight.

Want more than Paranormal Transforming-Battleships 5

Sure, we understand – sometimes simple stories and things exploding are all you want to see.  But all the time?  It’s like eating fast food for every meal, sometimes you just want something a little more…nutritious.

So, if you crave story…imagination…a challenge…something that actually requires your attention, search out some of the amazing independent films, bands, authors, etc., that are out there.  We’ve met so many talented people on our journey – artists with a huge amount to share, but who are being ignored (outspent!) by the fast-food end of the media industry.  It’s a win-win situation – you’ll see and hear things that inspire and provoke-thought, and they’ll gain an audience.

Go on, ‘hug an indie’.


Ant and Sloane

P.S. If you are one of those people who want more, please take a few seconds to share our teaser/trailer.

Upcoming screenings…

We’re excited to tell you about a couple of upcoming screenings – in the UK and France!

Dimensions will screen on November 11th as part of the Keswick Film Club’s Gala Night in the Lake District. Sloane and Ant will be there to answer questions after the screening, and chat about films and filmmaking in general. The Lake District is stunningly beautiful, so we’re really pleased to have been invited.

On December 5th, Dimensions will be the opening night film of the Nantes British Film Festival (Nantes, France). Sloane and Ant will again be in attendance. Evidently Nantes has some fantastic outdoor markets, so we’re looking forward to exploring!

Name that film…

Help please – Name that film…

Trying to help Michelle find the name of a film she saw as a child. Anybody?

“I remember watching a film as a child only remembering the ending but it has stayed with me because it was a real mind bender ( wish I knew what the film was) …. an astronaut who has recently returned home feels like something is wrong with the world although everything appears to be as before, it is not until he looks into a large mirrored wardrobe that he realises the reflection is in fact the real world and he isn’t actually at home!!!”

Dimensions wins FIFTH Best Film award!

It’s been a roller-coaster couple of weeks – first, the awards for Best Film and Best Screenplay in Spain, and now another win at the Crystal Palace International Film Festival.  It’s always fantastic to be honoured at these events – we only wish we could have the entire cast and crew with us!

Thanks as always for all of your support.


Ant and Sloane

Sloane and the lovely CPIFF Award for Best Feature Film.

Dimensions wins a FOURTH BEST FILM award!

We’re super excited to tell you…

…we’ve just heard that ‘Dimensions’ won Best Film and Best Script at the XIII Semana internacional de cine fantastico de la Costa del Sol in Spain!  It is such an honour to be presented with these awards, and we want to give a huge shout out to our amazing cast & crew – THANK YOU!!!!

We also want to say a big thank you to the people behind the de cine fantastico festival – we are really proud to have been part of the festival.  You can read about the festival here –

Yahey!!!  Milky bars are on us.


Upcoming screenings…

‘Downton Abbey on acid’

We’re excited to have a couple of screenings coming up in the UK soon…

Dimensions screens in London on the 9th of October as part of the Crystal Palace Film Festival and in Manchester on Saturday 27th October as part of the Science Fair.

Sloane and I will be at both screenings and there will be Q&As after.  Hope to see you there (and please share with others).

Thanks for all the support!

Ant and Sloane