Deep Breath…

Three and a bit years ago, Sloane U’Ren Neely and I sold our home in Twickenham to follow the dream of making our own movie. It’s just sunk in that in one weeks time we will be in LA for the red carpet premiere. I suddenly feel rather (very) nervous!

Set in the 1920s/30s and filmed in Cambridge, England, Dimensions is about a scientist who is obsessed with revisiting a moment from his childhood. We worked with an amazing cast and crew and have been lucky enough to win several Best Film awards at festivals around the world.

We don’t have a huge PR team or a ton of money to promote the film – so we’re hoping you good people out there might help us spread the word.

Tickets for our US screenings are here:
You can pre-order DVDs in the UK here:

All the information on where you can get the film, book and soundtrack worldwide is here (but please note, our DVD/VoD/Online release is Oct 18th so some links won’t work yet) – please bookmark!

Ok. Deep breath. I’m going to hit post now. Here goes…no really I’m going to do it…I am, I tell you…oh shi…


Release update

Just confirmed that the film will be out on VoD in the US on 18th October. It should be on DVD plus a couple of online platforms in the UK on the same date. US/UK iTunes will be later in the year.

The US theatrical tour starts on the 9th October! Details to follow.

The film will be available online, worldwide (except US) on the 18th as well, via distrify and vimeo-on-demand.

More platforms to follow! The book and soundtrack will also be available.

Thanks everyone for all your support!

U.S. release news!

Very excited to announce – Dimensions has been picked up for a limited theatrical US release, plus DVD, iTunes, Netflix, Hulu etc. We will let you know dates as soon as we know.

Please, please share this – it is incredibly hard for indiefilms to get a theatrical release, so we need help to spread the word!

Ant, Sloane and the Dimensions team. x

Dimensions in Athens and a package in the post…

Making (and promoting!) a film is a huge undertaking. We knew it would be hard – but I am not sure Sloane and I quite realised what the scale would be. One of the things that makes it all worth while is having audiences enjoy the film  – and we’ve been lucky enough to have people all over the world watch Dimensions.  The next screenings are in Athens, Greece, where Dimensions will play three times over the next few days as part of the SFF-rated ATHENS Film Festival. If you know anyone in Athens, please let them know about the screenings.

It’s always nice to get a parcel in the post, and today’s was particularly good to receive.  It was from the Fargo Film Festival in North Dakota and contained a really nice letter, plus some very cool awards!

We are really proud of what the team behind Dimensions has achieved – we had an amazing cast and crew, and all of these awards are because of their hard work, skill and dedication to filmmaking.


Ant and Sloane x


Simon Dennis' award for Best Cinematography

Simon Dennis’ award for Best Cinematography


A very cool looking Honorable mention award from Fargo Film Festival.

A very cool looking Honorable mention award from Fargo Film Festival.



Best Cinematography award for Simon Dennis

It has been an exciting few weeks for us – some things we can tell you about, some…not so much (yet).

Simon on the set of Dimensions, with B Camera Operator Rami Bartholdy.

Simon on the set of Dimensions, with B Camera Operator Rami Bartholdy.

Simon Dennis, our Director of Photography (DP, or DoP – depending where you are in the world), was awarded ‘Best Cinematography’ for his work on Dimensions at the Fargo Film Festival. It’s a well deserved award for a fantastically talented man. Festival co-chair Brittney Goodman spoke to the press about Dimensions, and here is what she said…

“My favorite film of the festival is the beautifully filmed, scripted, and acted ‘Dimensions,’ which is a time travel romance with some steampunk elements.”

Sean Hart, who plays Conrad, in the workshop.

Sean Hart, who plays Conrad, in the workshop. We think he looks like James Dean in this photo.

Matt McGregor (Narrative Features Jury Chair) added –

“‘Dimensions’ was well loved by our committees and a crowd favorite.”

Meanwhile, we’ve been recording a director & screenwriter commentary for the DVD. We asked for questions on twitter and facebook, as we recorded, and answered them. It was a really fun way to involve the audience with the commentary. We’ve got a few bonus extras coming up as well – but I can’t tell you about them just yet.

Plenty more happening – we’ll announce things as soon as we are allowed to.

As always, sincere thanks for your help and support.


Ant and Sloane x



New website goes live!

On the set, filming Dimensions.

On the set, filming Dimensions.

First, I wanted to say a huge thank you to my brother Steve for building us a shiny new website –  Please note, at the end of the trailer there is an option to sign up for updates – we won’t spam you, we’ll just let you know when the film is released and where you can get it.  Talking of release…

…after a fantastic festival run, which includes seven awards – five of them being for ‘Best Film‘, we are now rapidly moving towards a release date.  Stay tuned and we will let you know details as soon as we can.

Thanks as always for your support!

Dimensions at the Nantes Cinéma Britannique film festival & giant mechanical creatures!

Director Sloane U’Ren with the giant heron (see later for a video of it flying).

We’re just back from our screenings at the Cinéma Britannique film festival in Nantes – what a great experience.  Great people, great food, great architecture and to top it off – massive Jules Verne inspired steampunk/dieselpunk creatures at Les Machines de L’île.

Dimensions is set in the 1920s/30s and does have elements (e.g. the time/multiverse machine) that are very much dieselpunk inspired.  Seeing the mechanical creatures at Les Machines de L’île felt like a perfect fit for us – I am sure that Stephen, Conrad and Annie from Dimensions would love it.  I suppose in another universe they have (and will, and are now) visit(ed/ing) the Machines.  After all, Stephen is 99% sure that there are an infinite number of parallel universes – in which every possible event (or combination of events) is happening somewhere!

We had a packed out screening (around 350 people) and a great Q&A afterwards. The audience and festival staff were fantastic.

In 2018 Les Machines de L’île intend to open a huge metal tree structure, incorporating a lot of the elements that are currently on display. They’ve built part of the tree already – it is going to be utterly amazing!

Here’s a video of Sloane at the mechanical elephant – on which 49 people can ride…

…and some close up shots of the elephant (click to make them bigger).

The images really don’t do it justice – there is something utterly magical about the place.

We didn’t get to go on the carousel – but evidently it is three stories (one underground). Here is a little video of Sloane in front of it…

We were just blown away by all the mechanical creatures – and that was before we saw them move!…

There are some more videos of the creatures on this youtube playlist.

We hope you enjoyed these videos and images, and we highly recommend a trip to Nantes.

Name that film…

Help please – Name that film…

Trying to help Michelle find the name of a film she saw as a child. Anybody?

“I remember watching a film as a child only remembering the ending but it has stayed with me because it was a real mind bender ( wish I knew what the film was) …. an astronaut who has recently returned home feels like something is wrong with the world although everything appears to be as before, it is not until he looks into a large mirrored wardrobe that he realises the reflection is in fact the real world and he isn’t actually at home!!!”

Dimensions wins a FOURTH BEST FILM award!

We’re super excited to tell you…

…we’ve just heard that ‘Dimensions’ won Best Film and Best Script at the XIII Semana internacional de cine fantastico de la Costa del Sol in Spain!  It is such an honour to be presented with these awards, and we want to give a huge shout out to our amazing cast & crew – THANK YOU!!!!

We also want to say a big thank you to the people behind the de cine fantastico festival – we are really proud to have been part of the festival.  You can read about the festival here –

Yahey!!!  Milky bars are on us.


Dimensions wins Best Director and Best Film

We are thrilled to announce that Dimensions was nominated for five awards at last night’s Long Island International Film Expo and incredibly excited that Sloane won the statue for Best Director and Dimensions won for Best Film.

We are utterly honoured with the awards – so many talented people worked on this film with us, and we would like to thank them all for making us look good!!!!

We also want to thank the team behind the Long Island International Film Expo – what lovely people they are, and they pulled out all the stops to put on a great festival.  Congratulations to all the other winners, nominees and films that screened.

Here is a video of Sloane receiving her statue for Best Director.  We will add more videos and photos over the next few days.

And here is a video of Madam Vera’s introduction to the film.  We loved these Madam Vera spots!