Are some unscrupulous movie types ‘gaming’ rotten tomatoes?

Question:  Are some unscrupulous movie types ‘gaming’ Rotten Tomatoes?

I imagine a lot of people check out Rotten Tomatoes or IMDB scores for films they are considering watching.  The *huge* difference in critics scores vs audience scores for the new Die Hard, makes me wonder.

IMDB 6/10
Metacritic 29/100
Rotten Tomatoes:  16% critic score, 82% audience score.

Scanning twitter, FB and Reddit post about the film – it seems to be getting a fairly universal panning.  I haven’t seen it, so can’t comment.

New apps that sort your Netflix cue by Rotten Tomatoes score means that a good score is undoubtedly worth $.

Any thoughts?

One thought on “Are some unscrupulous movie types ‘gaming’ rotten tomatoes?

  1. As I have been Tweeting recently, I only found out last year that IMDb is part of Amazon (I posted about it at

    Amazon sells a few DVDs and the like. Only where the ‘user’ has written a review on IMDb can one tie the ‘user’ ratings down to a person (if one’s cynical, not even then).

    No incentive there to boost user reviews when those who buy from IMDb may look there first…

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