Dimensions at the Nantes Cinéma Britannique film festival & giant mechanical creatures!

Director Sloane U’Ren with the giant heron (see later for a video of it flying).

We’re just back from our screenings at the Cinéma Britannique film festival in Nantes – what a great experience.  Great people, great food, great architecture and to top it off – massive Jules Verne inspired steampunk/dieselpunk creatures at Les Machines de L’île.

Dimensions is set in the 1920s/30s and does have elements (e.g. the time/multiverse machine) that are very much dieselpunk inspired.  Seeing the mechanical creatures at Les Machines de L’île felt like a perfect fit for us – I am sure that Stephen, Conrad and Annie from Dimensions would love it.  I suppose in another universe they have (and will, and are now) visit(ed/ing) the Machines.  After all, Stephen is 99% sure that there are an infinite number of parallel universes – in which every possible event (or combination of events) is happening somewhere!

We had a packed out screening (around 350 people) and a great Q&A afterwards. The audience and festival staff were fantastic.

In 2018 Les Machines de L’île intend to open a huge metal tree structure, incorporating a lot of the elements that are currently on display. They’ve built part of the tree already – it is going to be utterly amazing!

Here’s a video of Sloane at the mechanical elephant – on which 49 people can ride…

…and some close up shots of the elephant (click to make them bigger).

The images really don’t do it justice – there is something utterly magical about the place.

We didn’t get to go on the carousel – but evidently it is three stories (one underground). Here is a little video of Sloane in front of it…

We were just blown away by all the mechanical creatures – and that was before we saw them move!…

There are some more videos of the creatures on this youtube playlist.

We hope you enjoyed these videos and images, and we highly recommend a trip to Nantes.

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