Members of the cast, with Sloane and Ant, before the screening. Image courtesy of

Yesterday evening Dimensions screened, as part of the 31st Cambridge Film Festival, to a packed out house.  The showing sold out within a day of tickets being on release, so an additional late night showing was added (Thursday 22nd September, 10.30pm).  As that second screening is now almost sold out, a third screening has been added – Saturday 24th September at 5pm. Details are here.

As you can imagine, it has been a hectic few days for Sloane and I.  We’ve received so many lovely emails and messages about the film, so before we dash off to this evening’s screening, I wanted to share a few of the ‘Twitterviews’ we received regarding the film…

“Congratulations@dimensionsmovie ! Currently the biggest seller @CamFilmfest (in terms of seats sold per screening), better even than TTSS!” @camfilmfest

‘What a marvelous film! Can I have 700 films like Dimensions rather than one $200m blockbuster?” @martinhollis

“Wow! #Dimensionsmovie looked gorgeous up on the big screen at #CamFilmFest last night – well done to everyone, what an achievement!” @shawcdb

@dimensionsmovie is an absolute delight, and there’s two more chances to see it at @camfilmfest – don’t miss out! #cff2011” @MovieEvangelist
@dimensionsmovieTruly, it is one of the best films I have seen this year. The direction is top class.” @Helenography
“Saw @dimensionsmovie last night. A really beautiful and thought provoking film. Wonderful to see directors and all the actors there.” @CWCostumes
“Thanks to Cambridge Film Fest and@dimensionsmovie for the cosiest premiere ever..v.proud of the film!” @MatineeIdle
@dimensionsmovie is gripping and visually gorgeous by ANY standards; never mind its shoestring budget.” @salskina
“Loved watching the@dimensionsmovie screening yesterday. Beautiful film. Really Beautiful Film! Check ’em out, if you haven’t already.” @VanessaMayfield
@dimensionsmovie It’s lovely!” @allwellandgood

Just in case you haven’t seen it, the trailer is below.


Ant and Sloane x


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