Anatomy of a Movie

We often get asked how much time and money were spent on the various aspects of making Dimensions.  While every film is different, we thought it might be interesting to put together a visual that shows some of what we experienced on this film.  We also thought it would be good to give a rough idea of the amount of data generated during the process.

The image below basically works by area – the larger the area, the larger the amount (of time, money, data).  We’ve tried to get as close as possible with our figures.  N.B., we didn’t include things like rough cuts (i.e., early edits of the film), music cue demos (versions using just samples), emails, tweets, etc.

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3 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Movie

  1. Yes you are quite right – unfortunately we don’t have a data size for the sound FX used. Hopefully we will be able to add it soon! A lot of our actual ‘sound design’ was done in conjunction with the score (as I personally blur the lines between score and sound design – i.e I wrote for orchestra, but had beds of samples/background sound design as part of the session).

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