Time Flies

Sloane and Henry Lloyd-Hughes after completing the very first scene.

A year ago today, we started principle photography on Dimensions and, as we sit in the edit bay putting the last touches to the trailer, we thought it would be nice to share a few images from that day.

Breakfast eaten and ready for the very first shot.

Sloane and Chris (Burgess, First A.D.) decided it would make sense to have an easy first day – just some coming and going shots across the courtyard plus a little bit along the river bank.  It made sense to start with a light day – it would give us time to iron out any tech issues should they arise, etc.  As it turned out, it all went very well (our tech tests in pre-prod stood us in good stead).

This is Chris calling ‘Roll Camera’ on the first shot of the film.  We rolled on schedule – 8am sharp.

We did have a little rain (a drizzle, really) – the weather was the one thing that was problematic, here and there, throughout the shoot.  Of course, this is England so erratic weather (and a preoccupation with it) is part of the culture.  The rain meant we had to continuously rework the schedule and move inside much earlier then anticipated.

Sloane calls ‘Action’ on the first shot.

Okay, back to work.  Stay tuned for the upcoming trailer!

Alex Turner with the clapper board.  You can tell we had an early start – his eyes are closed.




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