The end is in sight…

Sloane and Henry Lloyd-Hughes discuss a scene.

As we approach a year to the day from the beginning of the actual film shoot, the end is in sight.  Well, to clarify, the end of actual production is in sight – the hard work of further promoting and selling the film is just beginning.

In the last few months, we have been focusing on audio (music, sound design, foley and dialogue), VFX and grading.

Sean Hart on his first day of filming, last summer. It all seems so long ago, yet, like yesterday.

Sloane and I always said that although we didn’t have anything like the budget required to pull off a period/sci-fi with high production values, we weren’t willing to compromise.  We are incredibly proud to report that we did it – and by we, I mean everybody that has been involved.  Not only have we been  fortunate enough to have an amazingly talented group of people pitch in and make this film with us, but we have also had tons of support from friends, family and industry colleagues – and we will never forget the kindness we have been shown.

Florence does final checks on Camilla Rutherford and Georgina Rich's make-up.

Here is a quick video from the Todd AO dubbing stage in Los Angeles.  The dub stage is the last step in the audio mix – the place we go to get the sound ready for cinema release.  Alex U’Ren (who also did ADR duties during the film shoot) and I worked on the mix in his studio before moving into the big room at Todd AO, where we worked with Aaron Levy and Alex Fehrman.  The film is sounding (and of course looking) fantastic!

Meanwhile, back in the UK, our final VFX shots from The Senate are complete and look amazing.  We would share some with you, but that would spoil the surprise!  We have a few more VFX fixes being done by Dave Owen @ QuietStorm and after we slot them into place, Adam will do the final grading and then we crack open the champagne!

Sloane directs Sam Harrison, Hannah Carson and George Thomas. The three children have a wicked sense of humour and made the crew giggle by doing 'jazz hands' before each take.

So, now is the time we need to ask for your help.  Please, please, take a moment to share with friends who you think might be interested in the film.  If you are on twitter or facebook, please tell people about the film there.  On facebook, if you go to the dimensionsthemovie fanpage and click ‘share’ (bottom left) you can post in on your wall or, even better, send friends a private message about the film and ask them to ‘like’ the fanpage.

Simply click 'share' and then choose who you want to share the page with.

You can find us on twitter here.

Once again, Sloane and I would like to tell you how grateful we are for your help and support!

Very best,

Ant and Sloane

P.S. Trailer is coming very soon!

Olivia Llewellyn filming a scene by the River Cam.



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