Artwork 2 – opinions please

Hi all,

Thanks for all the opinions on the last round of artwork comps.  We received lots of texts/emails/replies – it all really helps us, so thank you.

With some of your comments in mind, we have put together a second round of comps.  Can you let us know favourites, what you do and don’t like etc. (and if you prefer any from the original set to these).

As before, these are just comps and all need tidying up a little.  The artwork would be used in various formats, ranging from DVDs, press packs to posters.

Please click on the image to see it larger (and not cropped).

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16 thoughts on “Artwork 2 – opinions please

  1. Good evening Dimensions,
    I’m going to agree with Alex U, 7 Then 11. It gives us an insight and more understanding and a bit of a teaser of whats to come in the film.

  2. I really liked the second and the sixth of the first set, because they are very graphic and draws you into the detail. Although I would would suggest moving the strap line “If you could revisit…” to the bottom of the posters into clear space as it it will leave a haunting question to the viewer after they have made their way down the poster and the intriguing imagery. I also believe the first three would look great of t-shirts etc because of graphic imagery. Hope that helps

  3. 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 would be my order of preference. I think 11 is a bit confusing because at a quick glance it looks like a farmer standing at his field or something. Don’t get me wrong, they’re all very stylishly done, but I particularly like 7 and 8.

  4. I saw number 7 as the thumbnail on FB and immediately thought “oi oi, what’s this then?!”. I love the main shot – the strange thoughtful, but piercing and determined look in his eyes, which in conjunction with the question/tagline kind of suggests he (and the spectator) are on the brink of something. I have to say I haven’t read much into the story because I want to discover it fresh, so these comments are coming from someone with very little background knowledge!

    I think, though, that I’d still like to see more complexity worked into the graphics. The “tangle of threads” suggests that it should be, and yet the graphics suggest quite a straightforward plot – a bit like a Jane Austen interpretation! Maybe actually a combination of the inset photos worked into the ellipse diagram (with different sizes to indicate the 3-dimentionality or the differing importance) and a few dates layering the whole thing up. It’s have to fade out though, appearing to surround main chap, rather than be superimposed over him.

    Great stuff!


  5. For a movie poster my vote is comp 10. I think the insert images on the 7/11/9 look like a traditional DVD cover style.

    I really like 8 too because Victoria is so central yet turned away and vacant from the shot.

  6. 7 but maybe with a different photo – something with the string sculpture maybe? I’m not sure Camilla would be enormously keen on 11…

  7. Hi guys,
    I ran a bit of a straw poll with people who know nothing about the film.. Of the first set, although everyone enjoyed the graphic elements, photos were a strong draw. ‘The man with a hole in his head’ (!!) caused some confusion and a couple of people weren’t sure about the Cambridge references.
    Of the second lot – all the photos are great (huzzar for Chris!) but 7, 8 & 9 were front runners.
    11 generally raised a ‘huh?’ rather than intrigue..
    From the boys’ point of view – 10 suggest a bit of a ‘girl film’ and lacks the sci-fi element (Henry is raaather handsome.)
    Comp 8’s use of the graphic with the pic had a very positive reaction – intriguing and beautiful. (Except for 1 friend who thought that Hannah was being attacked by a giant bug.. heathen..)
    Comp 9, by implying that the choice is not just a date but a person, seems to tell the strongest story and create the most interest..
    Hope you’re well xx

  8. For me, the main shot in *Comp 10* is by far the most evocative, intriguing and appropriate, no question. Saying that, I prefer the layout and text size of Comp 11. Wonder how a mix of the two would be?

    I reckon most of the shots in the other comps perhaps nail your colours a bit too firmly to a purely ‘period’ mast – probably more appropriate than majoring on the ‘sci-fi’ angle, but still perhaps alienating some of your potential audience?

  9. By far I was excited by the 3rd choice, the profile (left side of his face), with the four smaller inserts. I thought his eyes in the shot were nothing short of magical. Thanks for the opportunity. Sanford

  10. Hi

    I think comp 7. Purely on the basis that it’s the one I can most see being a poster/DVD cover.

    A x

  11. The first one, which I’m assuming is Comp 7, without a doubt. I’m not too keen on multiple images. The second, presumably comp 8, reminds me of Gosford Park for some reason.

  12. My personal favourites are comp 10, comp 7, comp 8, but I think they all would work as posters and other publicity/marketing/distribution materials.

    comp 10: its design feels the most natural e.g. not ‘too constructed’, shows the great cinematography e.g. sets the mood/feeling of the film, introduces leading actor (?) and seemingly tie ‘the past and future’ within the film together e.g. leading actor in present, looks in a book which is past (?).

    comp 7: feels as a film poster already, introduces leading actor and other cast and has a nice colour scheme.

    comp 8: the ‘outcast’ of the five which is interesting, gives a different look to the film, also adding another Dimension as it says “If you could revisit a moment from your CHILDHOOD which moment would you choose?” instead of PAST which for me adds value and interest, great still (character) combined with graphics works well and it gives a different colour scheme/feeling then the other five.

    Best of luck with making the final decision(s). Can’t wait to see the result!

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