Recording the film score part 2

Richard Lancaster (Recording Engineer), Joe Kearns (ProTools Engineer) and Christoph Bauschinger (Score Producer) in the control room at British Grove Studios. In the background, you can see Natalie Holt who did both orchestrations and played viola at the session.

Yesterday, Sloane and I went down to London to do the final mixes on the film score with Christoph Bauschinger.  The score is sounding great and we are incredibly happy with the results.  We’ve worked with a lovely group of people on the score and look forward to working with them again.

Some members of the London Metropolitan Orchestra waiting to record the cue '15 Years Later' (which you can see at the Dimensionsmovie youtube site).

Next stop is to get the files to L.A. to add them to the rest of the audio mix, where Alex U’Ren is currently working on the foley and dialogue.

I really like this picture of Sloane U'Ren (Director) by Chris Burgess. It feels like a classic early 1960s image... and funnily enough our next film is set in the early 1960s.

Meanwhile, I thought this seemed like a good opportunity to share some photos from the recording session – thanks to Chris Burgess (First A.D. and a superb photographer) for these images. I also want to share a link to a video made by Andy Brown, Music Director and Conductor of the London Metropolitan Orchestra (LMO), about the recording session.

The standard of players in the LMO is just amazing. We feel incredibly lucky to have them be a part of Dimensions.

Adam Garstone (Editor) with a blatant attempt at product placement! I imagine he received at least several dozen crates of Coca-Cola for this shot.

Christoph Bauschinger (Score Producer) demo-ing the new 'Conductor Hero' game - coming to all good gaming consoles soon.

Watching a take (can't tell you which one though, as it's a secret).

Sloane U'Ren (Director) looking all ninja in black.

Antony Neely (Composer, Screenwriter) booking a well-needed hair cut appointment.

And you can watch Andy Brown’s LMO video of the recording session here…


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