Fifteen Years Later

We just wanted to share another video from the film score recording session. The cue takes place over our character’s transition from childhood to adulthood, and is called ‘Fifteen Years Later’. If you watch the top of the screen you can see some video playback of the footage – the conductor (Andy Brown, of the London Metropolitan Orchestra) is watching the same pictures while he works with the orchestra. The film score was composed by Ant Neely.

Director Sloane U’Ren wanted to achieve this fifteen years transition in a single shot and had planned it out well in advance. Chris Burgess (First AD) worked hard to complete the shoot on such a tight schedule, so Simon Dennis (DP) really only had enough time for three takes. A little technical wizardry by editor Adam Garstone gives it a nice surreal feel, which will be rounded off by Alex U’Ren’s sound design.

We think it captures the change perfectly and, when you see the film, we hope you agree!

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