Update and another short clip…

Stephen (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) and Annie (Olivia Llewellyn), in the lab

This week is an exciting week for us – we record the film score on Thursday at British Grove Studios. British Grove Studios is Mark Knopfler’s studio and we’re over the moon to have such excellent facilities to record the orchestra. On top of Mark Knopfler’s body of work with Dire Straits and as a solo artist, he has also written some fantastic scores for films, including a personal favourite of mine ‘Local Hero’ (both the film and the score are excellent).

Christoph Bauschinger is producing the score. I’ve known Christoph for several years and it’s great to finally be working with him. He is working closely with Natalie Holt who is finalising bits of orchestration as we speak (write?). We’ll do our best to grab some footage of the recording session and share it with you all, plus tell you all about some of the other people involved on the day.

As we get close to finishing the film, the importance of getting as many people to hear about it as possible is paramount. Please, please, tell your friends, share the facebook fan page and twitter address. If you go to the Dimensions the movie fan page on facebook, in the lower left is a ‘share’ link – please click on it and follow the instructions.

Meanwhile, here is another short clip to whet your appetite. Note, it’s not graded and has temp sound…

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