An interview with our Director

It’s almost a year now since the sale of our house was completed and we used the money to start working on Dimensions. In some ways it seems like it’s gone by in the blink of an eye, in other ways it feels like a million years have past. Do we ever regret risking so much? No, I can honestly say we don’t. Our aim is to go on to make other films (more on that below), but even if that didn’t happen, both Sloane and I will always look back on this experience with enormous happiness.

The film is shaping up beautifully – Sloane has been working closely with our editor, Adam Garstone, and they are putting the final touches to the edit. I have been working on music cues, Alex is working on audio and Angus Bickerton @ The Senate VFX is starting the VFX. Bit by bit, the film is coming together and we very much look forward to sitting down with all the cast and crew to watch it together, before launching it into the world.

Meanwhile we have the first draft of the script for what will most likely be our next film. It’s… you’ll have to wait! – but I will tell you that we would love to be able to shoot it in Cambridgeshire again! Sloane and I have also been discussing a third project so when the ideas are fully formed, I will start work on that script. It will be strange, and a little sad, to move away from Stephen, Annie, Conrad and Jane’s world, but we think we will have left them in good hands – yours.

Sloane and I are continually amazed at the out pouring of support and good wishes from so many people, spread throughout the world – thank you all! Below is an interview (put together by Alex Turner) in which Sloane talks about her experiences on making Dimensions: A Line, A Loop, A Tangle of Threads. We hope you enjoy it and ask you to please share it with people you think might be interested.

Very best,
Ant Neely

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  2. Thanks, Ant, for sharing this link w us, and to Sloane, my beautiful, talented cousin, your work and dedication are going to pay! We love and support you!!

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