It’s time for us to tap into the collective brain power of others, so please put your thinking caps on and help. No idea is a bad one, so don’t be shy…

Dimensions appears to take place in Cambridge, England in 1923 – but things are not as simple as they seem. Stephen, our main character, believes there are an infinite number of ‘Cambridges, in 1923′ spread across an infinite number of parallel universes – some almost identical to our own, some radically different. Also, Stephen also doesn’t believe time to be a linear concept, so dates are somewhat meaningless to him.

Although Dimensions is a character driven story, Stephen’s concepts of time/space play a large part and what we would like to do is hint, upfront, to the audience that we are not just in ‘Cambridge, England, 1923′. We would like to do so as simply as possible.

Ideas so far:
1) Overlay text that says ‘Cambridge, England, 1923 – one of many’.
2) Overlay text that says ‘Cambridge, England, another time, another place’
3) Overlay text that says ‘Cambridge, England’ with a fictional ‘future’ date or multiple scrolling dates.

We would love to hear other peoples thoughts and ideas on this.


17 thoughts on “Brainstorming

  1. How about something along the lines of “Cambridge, England, 1923 – spacetime pocket 12,548″?
    Or something like “Cambridge, England, 1923 – reality 148″?
    Or an H. G. Wellsian “Cambridge, England, 1923 – parallel space-time consciousness X”

    It’s a very interesting concept. I’ll try to think of some other possible approaches.


  2. Here are a couple of ideas:
    – It’s 1923 in Cambridge, England. Or so you would think…
    – Cambridge, England, 1923. But which one?

    Good luck with the project guys!

    All best,

  3. 1) ‘Cambridge, England, 1923′ in bold, but repeated many times in front/behind (at an offset) with gradual fade to give the impression of a selection of one of many alternatives. Potentially animated to give the impression of ‘scrolling through’ the alternatives to pick a particular one.

    2) ‘Cambridge, England, 1923, Timeline #8201′

  4. 1) 1923, a Cambridge, an England – One of Many

    2) Or for a more Stephen centric view:
    1923, My Cambridge, My England – There are Many

    3) Or maybe a little geeky:
    ‘Cambridge, England, 1923 – #1746 of ∞’

  5. How about –
    “Cambridge, England, post – World War I”
    “Cambridge, England, after The Great War”

    so as not to be tied down to a specific year…

  6. 1) Cambridge, England, 1923 (Local calendar)
    2) Cambridge, England, 1923 (native)
    3) Cambridge, England, 1923 – when viewed from the inside …
    4) Cambridge, England, 1923, at least from where I’m standing.

  7. Would this work?
    1) Overlay text that says” to me, this is Cambridge, England, 1923″
    2) Overlay text that says “must this be Cambridge, England, 1923 ?”

  8. Could you use the tangle of threads with an animation? In turn each thread (at a different length along each) could show a pinpoint of light, and underneath the words – Cambridge, England 1923 – illuminate and then fade, and illuminate and fade as each pinpoint lights. The final thread could then ‘untangle’ with the same text – Cambridge, England 1923 remaining on screen.

  9. 1) Cambridge, England, for the year, check out your personal calendar
    2) Cambridge,England, since we’ve been able to chart/set our own
    time zone
    2) Cambridge, England between the wars
    3) Cambridge, England, waiting for the next _________
    4) Cambridge, England, after the invention of __________
    5) Cambridge, England, when people no longer _________
    6) Cambridge, England, when it became acceptable to _______

  10. An Iconic image of Cambridge flicking from colour to sepia to B&W. Moving images of people, ghost like,and in period, more prominent when either of the above, colour,sepia etc is highlighted. e.g Cars, bicycles, horse and cart. Overlaid with dials of clocks moving forward and backwards at speed, calendars pages being ripped off from different times. Then the title ‘Cambridge…. A Moment in Time. or Moments in time, or Cambridge…. Fractured Time

  11. The old professor says: There is the Theory of “the Cambridge Moebius”, a twist in the fabric of space, where time becomes a loop, from which there is no escape.

    Stephen replies: When we reach that point, whatever happened will happen again.

  12. I agree that “A Cambridge” would be a good idea, it’s a nice subtle hint, numbers might overcomplicate the message

  13. old corn broom sweeping on cooblestone revealing Cambridge England

    old corn broom sweeping again revealing 1923….or whatever

    Exciting project!!

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