An interview with writer/producer/composer Ant Neely

As we approach the end of the first assembly (rough cut) of the film I thought it would be good to share this interview with you. It all seems like such a long time ago now – the sun was out, and my beard was out of control! To be fair though, after grabbing only a few hours sleep a night during filming, trimming my beard (and taming my somewhat unruly hair) was low down on the list of priorities.

Meanwhile, a beardless (for now) me is working on initial sketches for some of the music cues. I have a direction that Sloane is happy with, so am busy beavering away in the studio. Sloane is working hard on edit notes, so she and Adam will jump straight into finessing the film as soon as the first assembly is done. Then it’s full steam ahead on vfx and audio work!

Enjoy the interview and forgive my wookie appearance.


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