Sometimes in life, things just come together.  Things just seem right.  Whether or not it is pure luck, or the stars align and magic happens, I don’t know.  What I do know, though, is that I have been fortunate enough to spend the last four weeks engrossed and enthralled in one long such moment.

Sloane directs Sam Harrison, Hannah Carson and George Thomas. The three children have a wicked sense of humour and made the crew giggle by doing 'jazz hands' before most takes.

I have spent the last month working with a brilliant group of people, and I truly believe that if you ask any one of them they will all agree that something magical has happened here.  Against all odds (economic, illness and weather), together, we have captured some beautifully evocative moments on film — with performances that have been so natural, so right, that I feel that I have been spending my days with the characters and not the actors.  The crew have banded together to find a way to overcome any obstacles and have made Sloane and I both incredibly proud and incredibly honoured to be surrounded by such talent.

The fabulous Florence Carter does final checks on Camilla and Georgina's hair and make-up. In the background, you can see a gorgeous table of food, prepared by Naomi Moore, our lovely Set Decorator. Unfortunately, she wouldn't let us eat any of the dishes -- boo.

Our last week was spent filming the earlier parts of our story – 15 years previously.  Our three young actors (Sam, George and Hannah) wowed us with their performances and kept us entertained with their humour.  They named every new object that the film crew presented to them – ‘Shiny Steve’ was the 4ft reflector, the fluffy mic was dubbed Enid, etc.  Hopefully they will chime in and give us a full list of these characters that surrounded them.

Rose Bennett really excelled herself with the stunning costumes for our garden party scene.

Now, as the sun sets literally (it is getting dark here now) and figuratively (on the filming) we are starting post-production.  After a few press interviews tomorrow, Sloane meets on Wednesday with Adam Garstone, our Editor, to start going through and choosing favourite takes.  I suspect they will be spoilt for choice!

George, Sam and Hannah preparing for a take.

Patrick Godfrey, our Professor, is a charming man and a marvelous actor. We are continually pinching ourselves at what a great cast we had -- they put their all into the project...thank you, Alice Searby, our Casting Director.

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