Day 2

We shot five pages today, which is a huge amount to do.  It looks stunning – the cast and crew are really giving it their all, and we are just floored by the level of talent that is on this project.  Here are a couple of photos that our sound man (Carl Homer) took over the last couple of days…

Stephen (Henry Lloyd-Hughes), contemplates his situation, outside of the workshop.

'Older' Jane (an aged Camilla Rutherford) watches Stephen from her vantage point on the lawn.

Annie (Olivia Llewellyn) cycles ino the courtyard - a courtyard peppered with chickens, cats and of course crew.

Simon Dennis (DP) seems to be able to frame anything beautifully in a blink. Backed up by his formidable team, he creates another stunning image.

Chris Burgess (our First AD) divides his time between keeping us focused and cracking us up with his wicked sense of humour.

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