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We have been amazingly fortunate with the great crew we have involved in Dimensions and now it is time to introduce our cast.  All of the actors involved are just fantastic and Sloane has spent the last few days with them for rehearsals, costume fittings and a read through.  So, in no particular order…

Camilla Rutherford

Camilla plays the role of Jane, Stephen’s mother.  You will of seen her work before in Gosford Park, Rome and The Darjeeling Limited. At the auditions Camilla immediately struck us as our perfect Jane – she had us on the edge of our seats with her beautifully emotional performance.

Henry Lloyd-Hughes

Stephen is a brilliant man, but has serious issues and we knew we needed to find an actor capable of traversing that fine line between genius and insanity.  Henry (Inbetweeners, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) captured Stephen’s strengths and weaknesses from the beginning, and we just were bowled over by the way he auditioned the ‘lecture scene’.

Sean Hart

Conrad is a complicated character – extremely bright on his own right, but destined to be overshadowed by his genius cousin Stephen.  Sean originally auditioned for the role of Stephen, but as soon as we saw him we wanted him to play the complex Conrad.  We were over the moon when he agreed to take on the role, and know you will be too when you see his performance!

Olivia Llewellyn

We have always thought of Annie as an amazing woman.  To have been a female, studying mathematics at University, in the 1920 would have taken a huge amount of determination. Coupled with this strength of character is her warmth, humour and intelligence. In the auditions Olivia (The Boat That Rocked) brought Annie to life, with a twinkle in her eye and an underlying depth – she is wonderful.

Sam Harrison, George Thomas and Hannah Carson play the young Stephen, Conrad and Victoria.  All three are fabulously natural as the three young friends and are lovely to work with.  They all come from the Cambridge area, and we feel extremely lucky to have found three wonderful and talented young actors to work with.

Edward Halsted

Edward is an utterly charming man, who with a sneer and a look has an amazing ability to capture the unsavoury character Robert.  Although Robert is indeed unsavoury, there is far more to him then meets the eye and we knew we needed an actor that could show those hints behind his actions, and Ed does so brilliantly.

Richard Heffer

Richard, another Cambridge local, plays Dr Schmidt. We are so fortunate to have someone of Richard’s calibre almost literally on our door step. Richard starred in such classics such as Colditz.

Georgina Rich

Georgina plays Alice, Victoria’s mother.  When she auditioned she actually read a scene we were considering changing to M.O.S. (no sound).  Georgina read it so beautifully that we immediatly decided to keep the dialogue in its entirerty. We are thrilled to have her aboard.

Shaun Lucas plays ‘The Boss’.  Shaun is local to Cambridge and not only brings us his acting skills, but has also become an integral member of the art department / prop team.  Naomi (our Set Decorator) put it quite succinctly the other day, when she said ‘If anyone can fix it, Shaun can.’ Thanks buddy, you are a star!

Sian Mayhall-Purvis plays the barmaid at the local pub. We liked Sian so much that we wrote her a part especially!

And last but not least the Professor.  This pivitol character is inspirational, warm, brilliant and full of life. So who is playing the Professor…

That’s our little secret, and you will just have to wait and see!

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