A short passage from the novel…

Whenever Stephen explained his research, his eyes would light up and he would became animated and completely immersed in the topic.  Within minutes of beginning the lecture he had Dr Schmidt’s students under his spell and they watched in wonder as he wrote his calculations on the blackboard.  The theories were extremely advanced, and many of the students couldn’t follow much of what he was saying, but afterwards they would explain to their peers that ‘Stephen had a certain something,’ that he was ‘compelling to watch’.  It was as if he lived in amongst the figures and symbols – he didn’t just simply write them, he ‘was’ them.  His hand danced across the board, the tap-tap-tap of the chalk lightly touching the surface became hypnotic and the results were art – sensuous diagrams, flowing lines of mathematics, like streams of warm water cascading off a waterfall.  At first, these droplets of knowledge seemed random, unconnected, but over time they began to amass and combine to form great pools of logic, peppered with ripples and waves.  Stephen lectured as a symphony musician plays – freely transcending printed notes on a manuscript, to paint a series of vivid pictures for the audience, who would be left in no doubt of his passion and brilliance.
It is said, however, that there is a fine line between brilliance and insanity and, indeed, some of Stephen’s ideas did appear to flirt with lunacy.  As the lecture advanced, whether or not Stephen had an incredible mind, or a broken one, was a question that reverberated around some of the students’ heads.  Perhaps, though, it was irrelevant; perhaps the only things of real importance were the ideas he had.
‘My calculations suggest that there are many universes – an infinite number of them.  They predict that every moment in time has already happened, is happening right now, and will happen in the future.’  Stephen pointed to various equations on the board as he spoke.
‘On top of this, every possible event, or combination of events, has already happened, is happening right now, and will happen in the future.’

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