Set Photos

The last week or two has zoomed by in a blur, as we approach the start of the shoot. With just over two weeks to go, things (touch wood – we don’t want a ‘Lost in La Mancha’ scenario!) are going well.  We have had a few issues – Holly (our Script Supervisor) got Mongolian tick fever, we had a brief scare when we thought a barn owl was nesting in one of the sets (turns out it just went there to eat and regurgitate pellets) and we have had a series of baby starling deaths (they seem to be falling out of the nest in the prop storage room… or were they pushed?).

We love the way the sunlight streams through the slats.

Yesterday saw an influx of HoDs – the top bods from camera, sound, sfx, editing and set dec came to visit and discuss the sort of things film makers discuss  – eg the relative merits of various smoke machines, what kind of wall paper a brilliant 12-year-old child would prefer and just how many Canon 5Ds will be on set during the shoot.  BTW The answer to the Canon question looks to be 5, which I guess is equivalent to 25D).

Lizzie and Ishbel have had fun mixing up the various different coloured chemicals. They quite sensibly refused to taste any of the concoctions though.

Craftily I forgot to take any video footage (well, actually we were just way to busy to dawdle and gawk at a camera), so to make up for it I am going to share these few images of Stephen and Conrad’s workshop with you. I shan’t show much – more of a Victorian era tantalising glance at a ladies ankle, then a ‘show and tell’.

Dan’s wind machine is in the foreground. Cue ‘wind machine’ gags.

I quite cunningly built a telescope that turns the image upside down and makes things seem further away.

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