Fabric fantastic

The reds in this pattern were perfect for the time machine. They set off the wood and wire look beautifully.

I wanted to post a big thank you to Shaun Proctor, who has given us some beautiful fabric to use.  We have various pieces for the time machine, curtains, cushions etc and the patterns are perfect.  The material gives off a ‘lost-elegance’ feel – exactly what we were looking for.  It was very kind of Shaun to support us and give us these pieces for free.

It is the little details that make the sets come alive – things that you might only catch a glimpse of in the final movie, but it all adds to the illusion.  Sloane has always talked about having ‘layered’ and they are certainly coming together!

When he isn’t off fishing, Shaun the fabric man does all sorts of upholstery.  If you are in the Cambridgeshire area, and need any work done please give him a call on 01223 440430.

Sloane intends to use this as a vintage picnic rug, for the daytime garden party scene - when Stephen first meets the Professor.

We are using this to make curtains for the tiny windows in Stephen and Conrad's workshop. Although the windows are small, we need to be able to block out passing river traffic in the event of 'modern' boats mooring across the way.

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