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We have been incredibly lucky finding so many amazing people to work with us on Dimensions – we may have a small budget, but we are not short of talent!  It is fascinating to see the ideas people are bringing to the table and we are constantly amazed, impressed and generally blown away by the combined amount of skill, passion and imagination that surrounds us.

I wanted to write a little today about another aspect of the film – the locations.  In the last week we have firmed up the last of our locations, and are over the moon with the places (and the generosity of their owners) that we will be filming in.

Most of the film will be shot at our primary location – a beautiful old house on the river.  The house was built in the 1800s, but added to in the 1920s, so works brilliantly for our, somewhat malleable, time period.  A fair amount of the story will take place in the grounds of the house (fingers crossed for sunshine) – rolling lawns, a huge orchard and secret overgrown pathways.  It really is a magical place, and was very much an inspiration for the story.

Our secondary locations are no less impressive.  We have managed (thanks Shaun!) to secure a rose garden in one of Cambridge’s amazingly prestigious, and beautiful, colleges.  Getting permission to shoot in the colleges in Cambridge can be tricky, so we are very grateful of the support we have received from them.  I shan’t tell you which one it is… yet.  Suffice to say, however, that it is everything you would expect – elegant, grand, charming and utterly stunning.

We also have an interior classroom set – a fantastic wood paneled room, with a fabulous stone arch entrance (see photos).  For the scene, we needed something that just portrayed classic academia, and this room certainly does.  It is the sort of place that emanates history, and immediately it felt ‘right’ to us.

With a small amount of dressing, we have the perfect classroom.

Our final location is a pub.  There are a couple of very different, and pivotal, scenes that take place in this pub, so we needed exactly the right sort of space.  Sloane wanted something that felt fairly cosy, but not claustrophobic.  We found just the place, and it is topped off with a beautiful, period, stone fireplace.

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Team Dimensions

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  1. It all looks and sounds amazing, you must be thrilled and really looking forward to the shooting!

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