Steampunk / graphics – can you help?

With six weeks to go it is full steam ahead for us!

We had a table reading yesterday (with some super-talented actor friends) and will be making a few final tweaks to the script over the next few days.  It was great to hear the script read (thanks to Peter Ettedgui for his advice on that) – it really gives a new level of clarity and is highly recommended for any other filmmakers out there.

Meanwhile we are continuing with casting, construction and the myriad of other jobs that need to be done.  As you can well imagine, time is a bit of a premium for us at the moment, so we want to try and enlist some help…

Are there any streampunk types out there that might be able to make/loan us some pieces for the workshop?  I shall attach a few images of the sorts of things we have built so far to give an idea of what we are looking for.  At this stage in the story, Stephen, Conrad and Annie are working together on a shoestring budget (a bit like us) to cobble together their inventions.  The things they make are not pristine and polished steampunk – they don’t have the resources for that, more worn/used/second hand steampunk.  If you can help please drop us a note (  We can pick up things from the London or Cambridge areas, and of course can return items if required.  We can’t afford expensive postage though, and please don’t send us anything valuable!

We also need some help with graphics – old (pre-1920’s) type book covers, magazines, labels (for scientific equipment, containers and jars), old photos, letters of correspondence, etc.  If you have any such items, or are good at calligraphy and design and have time to fake some up then please let us know.  Again, don’t send us anything of real/sentimental value.

Of course we will credit/thank you on the film!

Thanks and best,

Team Dimensions

6 thoughts on “Steampunk / graphics – can you help?

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  2. Check out Mike may be able to help, or point you in the right direction to old electric junk that could be used, I know that he does lots of stuff that may be classified as stempunk and more. If I had more time (Freetime) on my hads I would have been interested in building some stuff but currently working as a consultant engineer on radio stuff, you could probably find some old valve type stuff and use a bit of brass/copper tube or piping and run cables through it or maybe even some waveguide (WR type) with some magnetron type equipment but you would need an engineer to set it up as it can be dangerous (think high power RF type stuff that would light an unconnected tube lights) tesla coils and other stuff. Good luck with it.

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