The view from free-fall

When we decided that it was time to really go for it and put our house on the market, we were nervous about people’s reactions – even though by this point our minds were already made up. Still, it was important for us that our family and friends would support, rather then institutionalize, us. After all the overwhelmingly positive comments and ‘go for it’-type conversations we have had, those doubts seem silly now. Not only do we have our amazing family and friends behind us, pushing us onwards, but also the marvelous strangers (our new friends) who have given us help and encouragement.

Once we signed on the dotted line, and the house sale went through, we entered free-fall. We have no idea where we will be in six months, no clue as to how this adventure will unfold. Of course, we have hopes and plans, but as Stephen says, ‘the world has a predilection for chaos’, so who really knows?

With seven weeks to go until the start of shooting, production is full-steam ahead. This week is packed with casting calls, set builds, prop hunting, discussions with our HODs, script breakdowns, scheduling… to name but a few things. We have a fantastic team of people on board with us and are constantly amazed and excited with the ideas they are bringing to the project. Thanks all!!!

So, how is the view from free-fall? In a nutshell, it is an exhilarating yet exhausting, beautiful roller-coaster ride and, all we need to do is hold tight and make sure that we don’t twist our ankles when we disembark. We have a feeling though that you will be there to help us off.

Please keep telling your friends, facebooking, tweeting, etc., about us – we need your help! Also, if anyone has any media contacts (on or off line) who might be interested in our story, please do put us in touch.

Ant, Sloane and the rest of the Dimensions team.

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