most fun you’ll ever have with a small motorised device…

It’s been a busy week working on Stephen and Conrad’s workshop, and we are making great headway. A major vote of thanks has to go out to the brilliant Shaun Lucas who has been helping build props! Recent additions include several workbenches (one even slate-covered), a mounting for an old Belfast sink – all aged and ‘home-made’ of course. Next up is… you will have to wait and see.

Meanwhile we are casting – we have had one set of auditions for the children’s roles and been watching casting tapes of the adults (thanks to the marvelous Alice Searby). We have seen some great actors and are very excited at the level of talent around. It’s easy to forget that the UK has some of the best cast and crew in the world. Our cinema heritage is often overshadowed by ‘Hollywood’, but we shouldn’t forget that many of those ‘Hollywood’ films were made in the UK by British cast and crew. The original Star Wars movies, the original Superman, and the Indian Jones movies are just a few examples.

Over the last couple of weeks we have managed to bring several HODs aboard. We have been lucky enough to get Leigh Gilbert to be our Construction Manager. Leigh has worked on films such as Dark Knight, Robin Hood, and John Carter of Mars and has a brilliant team of some of the most experienced craftspeople in the industry. We are also very excited and happy to welcome Florence Carter (Hair and Make-up Designer), Rose Bennett (Costume Designer) and Naomi Moore (Set Decorator) – all three are not only super-talented but they are also lovely!

This also seems like a good time to thank our amazing Line Producer/Production Guru – Catherine Seymour. Catherine combines fantastic organisational skills with a fabulous ‘no-problem’ attitude, and we are very grateful to have her in such an integral role.

We also want to thank all of you – the wonderful friends (old and new) who are tweeting, facebooking and water-cooling our story. Thanks!!!! — and please don’t stop telling people about the film.

So, back to fun with small motorised devices (mind out of the gutter, please). As you know, we are a ‘huge film on a micro budget’ and to make that happen we need to save every penny we can. Salvaging materials for props, etc. are a major part of the process – old weathered timber, wires, valves, etc. are all valuable to us. An old CD player seemed too good of an opportunity to overlook and, sure enough, after half an hour with a screw driver we had three motors and plenty more. The video below is a short demo (with my nephew – the super handsome and cool Ben Neely) of what happens when you find a CD lens motor, an old Bakelite switch, a vintage volt meter and a 1.5v battery. The result will be embedded into the secret time machine. Why is it a secret? Not telling.

Thanks for all your support!

Ant and Sloane x

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